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Project Description

Do you find Astronomy intriguing? Have you just seen the planets/galaxies on television or while surfing the internet and are interested to see them yourselves? Are you curious to know the real significance of constellations and the sky? Are you fascinated by astronomical terms like nebulae, black holes etc.? Do you wish to know more about the cosmic wonders?

Your wait ends right here as we provide answers to your ambiguities through our stargazing program. Through observations and explanations of different objects in the sky like planets, clusters, galaxies, nebulas etc., we provide tremendous insights into the vast tapestry of objects in our universe thus nurturing your interests.


  • The one stop for all astronomy enthusiasts.

  • Highly trained/ experienced staff.

  • All constellation myths.

  • Live observations of various astronomical objects.

  • Pre-arranged demonstration of the virtual sky for easy understanding.

  • Explanations in many languages.

  • Customizable packages according to age groups.


  • Highly sophisticated Telescopes.

  • Excellent Binoculars with easy handling.

  • Imported green lasers pointers.

  • Softwares for lucid understanding.


  • This is an overnight event and thus we highly recommend you to carry warm clothes due to a drop in temperature at nights.

  • The use of cell phones on the site is strictly prohibited. It affects the ability to see in the dark.

  • You are requested not to touch our equipment without permission to avoid damage of equipment.

  • No alcohol.


This event is dependent on sky conditions. If sky conditions change unexpectedly, the organization will not be responsible for weather-related cancellations. As compensation, we shall provide a suitable date for the next event without any extra charges.*


  • We have 20 different locations in Maharashtra. You can choose any nearest destination according to your requirement and choice of package.
  • You may also suggest us, locations where our mobile unit can reach to conduct the sky gazing event. (Location should be far from light pollution and dense civilization)

Quick Info


One can choose from the following options:

  • 3 hours event.

  • 5 hours event.

  • Entire night event.


  • September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April, May, June.


  • Ask for the rates. (Transportation excluded.)

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